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Deck Staining: Stain For the best backyard outdoor living

Did you know that staining is a form of a sealer for wood surfaces? The key to preserving the lifespan of your wood and exterior surfaces. Wood staining and refinishing protects exterior surfaces around your home from the harsh New England weather and ensures their longevity. Staining or refinishing a surface like wood, metal, or concrete enhances the look but most importantly ensures the ability for high performance and maximizes the lifespan. If exterior products are not stained and protected from the harsh New England winters, these surfaces will begin to rot, warp and  break down. Staining and refinishing services are essential for your flooring, decks, kitchen cabinets, siding, fences, concrete, foundations, garage flooring and metal surfaces.

Every home deserves a beautiful outdoor living space, especially in New England where the spring, summer and fall are breathtaking to sit out and enjoy the foliage. Your home deck is your relaxation space. At Link Solutions we provide deck staining services to all our clients. Every deck staining job will start with pressure washing your deck using wood brightener treatment and cleaner. Our skilled painter will strip and remove old stains and stain wood as needed. Lastly, our painters will apply stain.

Link Solutions Painting company process to deck stain:

Water and sun resistant products
Transparent, semi-transparent and solid paint-like options
Quick dry options

Exterior Concrete Staining: From Boring to Beautiful

Link Solutions Painting Company specializes in concrete staining services. We make boring old looking concrete, worthy of a second look. Our concrete job includes a pressure wash to remove all dust, stains and grease. Followed by the staining of the selected concrete stain of choice. Lastly we apply a clear and durable UV-resistant topcoat.

Link Solutions Concrete Staining projects include:

  1. Skilled Craftsman technique of etching and grinding
  2. Multi-color stain combinations
  3. Durable, clear-coat stain options
  4. UV-resistant stain options

Fence Staining

Your fence protects your home from the outside world and ensures your peace and quiet at all times. Your fence compliments your backyard and style. A rotted poorly maintained fence can have a negative impact on the exterior appearance of your home. Link Solutions painting company  provides staining services for your fence using premium products. Every job will begin with a pressure wash of your fence using a wood brightener treatment and cleaner. Followed by stripping and removing old stains. Lastly, we will apply the new stain. A pro tip: Here at Link Solutions we spray and backroll the stain to ensure even coverage and proper stain saturation.

Link Solutions fence stain projects include;

  1. Water and sun resistant products
  2. Transparent, semi transparent and solid paint-like options
  3. Quick dry options

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It’s time to paint, let’s take care of your home’s interior painting needs one step at a time. Our professional paint experts will arrive on time always, and get to work painting anything and everything. From painting the walls of your home, to the ceilings, baseboards, doors, and cabinets. 

Hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood floors add such beauty and value to any home, making the spaces feel clean and light. Here at Link Solutions we know that refinishing your hardwood floors is the best way to enhance and preserve that beauty. Refinishing can deliver the beautiful hardwood floors you’ve always wanted. When working with Link Solutions hardwood flooring refinishing you will select the desired color, and finish to be used which will allow you to see how it looks and feels in your home.  This allows you to also test which color is best. When selecting hardwood flooring in a store, you may find that inside your home due to the lighting and colors of your home, the hardwood flooring looks very different. Our expert painters will go over some testing and select the best floor refinish for your home. Once the work begins, we sand and take the time to isolate the work areas from the rest of the home to ensure that dust containment is done to the best of our ability during your wood floor restoration project.

  1. In this process you will have the opportunity to select the following:
  2. Water vs oil stain
  3. Color finishes
  4. Sheen choices: Glossy, Satin or Matte

Epoxy Flooring: From boring concrete to gorgeous flooring

Epoxy flooring can transform any space to modern. It’s no surprise to us painters that so many homeowners and business owners have decided to invest in epoxy flooring to give an urban chic look to any concrete space. Link solutions painting company begins all epoxy flooring installs by diamond-grinding the concrete to ensure proper adhesion. 

We then take the time to pressure wash the floor and to remove any dust, stains or grease before filling any cracks with concrete filler. The process continues with a two part industrial-grade tinted epoxy where epoxy flakes are applied as needed. The look is finished with a two part industrial-grade clear epoxy topcoat as desired by our clients.

Masonry Flat Paint: Brick, Stone, And Stucco Painting

Link Solutions painting company is proud to extend its services to the beautiful architecture of New England homes that have old world charm with their stucco and brick exterior. We offer a pop of color selection designed exclusively for masonry surfaces. A product that is simply the best paint for brick, stone, or stucco painting. All of our paint products are chip and peel resistant. 

Lets get your hardwood floors refinished in 3 easy steps:

Masonry Painting Link Solutions promise:

Interior and exterior painting for your brick, stone, stucco, or other masonry surfaces.
Color-tinting options available that match trims, soffits, etc.
A beautiful Long-lasting coverage with minimal maintenance
Mold-resistant, environmentally friendly, toxin-free paint products

Other Wood Staining and Refinishing services we provide:

Kitchen cabinets

Metal surfaces


Custom stains


Home siding

Stucco and Brick

When you pair our Skilled Craftsmanship with the best paint products it’s when the magic happens.

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